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Caviar celebrates women who love dressy European eyewear adorned with dazzling crystals. Heads will turn with all eyes on you and your luxurious glasses or sunglasses when you walk into a room wearing your Caviars.

Created in 1991 by Palm Optical, a third-generation family business that began in 1947, the Caviar brand started out as a modest two piece mini-collection.  Even back then the styling focused on ornate treatments and outstanding quality. The original creations, Caviar 8230 and Caviar 9520 Deluxe, were immediate hits. Within a year the collection expanded to 18 models and it was during this early phase that Swarovski® crystals were used to decorate the new releases. Their instant success inspired co-presidents Brad Besner and Leonard Cohen to emphasize and exclusively use Swarovski crystals in the young collection.  We’ve never looked back.

Over the years Caviar evolved into a leading fashion eyewear brand with over 80 models, all with Swarovski® crystals.  Along the way, Caviar released very specific designs, catering to true individuals and collectors.  Some of the themed eyewear specialty pieces included “The Mermaid”, “The Peacock”, “The Swan” and “The Elephant”.

Caviar has never mass produced any of its models. In fact usually fewer than 1000 pieces of each design are produced.  The development and design process of each pair of Caviar takes approximately two years, with maximum attention on  breathtakingly unique styling, and of course on comfort and quality.

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