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Est: 1974



Prodesign - a company that celebrates creative seriousness.

Danish Eyewear Company Prodesign dares to let the unmistakably Danish sense of relaxed humour shine through everything, from products to marketing campaigns to customer relations.

Always aimed at following the latest trends in fashion at a very early stage, the company's products represent genuine Danish Design in terms of high quality and pure style.

Featuring frames in titanium, metal and acetate, ProDesign’s collections are accented with striking designs, innovative materials and vibrant colours.

Headquartered in Denmark, yet with a distribution and sales network that extends around the world, Prodesign brings the essential spirit of Danish design and lifestyle values to the global eyewear market. After 30 years of solid experience with a customer base now measured in the thousands, Prodesign is both an experienced, well-established eyewear manufacturer and a modern, forward thinking company.

Prodesign continues to experience dynamic growth worldwide and is not afraid to push the limits when it comes to creativity. The company has always been known to emphasise colours in particular, and believes strongly in the current trend of colour and contrast.

The expression value of the products is always visible yet never overstated, bearing in mind that a frame can be expressive without being dramatic. Balancing on the line between serious and fun, Prodesign’s philosophy is to focus on loyalty and team spirit when committing to new partners.

By offering customised marketing campaigns and in-store events, Prodesign strives to be more than just another supplier of eyewear. Through close links with their partners, Prodesign signals a desire to create success as a team. Loyalty and chemistry among partners plays an important role in this process, and the informal tone of communication is reflected in both internal relations with employees and external relations with partners.

Prodesign is always looking to apply this accommodating approach to all aspects of life, and the general idea behind the company's marketing campaigns is a desire to let the “joy of life” speak for itself.


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