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The eyewear you choose is a very real part of your identity. It can help people see the real you, or create the image you want others to see. The key to any good frame selection is matching your personality and lifestyle to your eyewear. Frames are more often thought of as a functional item rather than a fashion accessory, however times are changing.

When choosing a frame, you need to ask yourself "What do you really want your eyewear for?". "What type of work do you do and when will you wear your glasses", this is generally the first indication that perhaps one pair of glasses is not going to cover everything you want them to do. To narrow down your choices, consider what our eyewear consultants suggest in terms of styling, colour, material and size for various lifestyles.

Let the team at Bruce Mellick Optometry show you our amazing range of optical and sunglass frames to suit everyone:

  • Corporate
  • Fashion
  • Modern Baby Boomer or Senior
  • Student
  • Busy Mums and Dads
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Children
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