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Est: 1974

BOZ spectacles are part of the J.F. Rey family of eyewear. The BOZ eyewear collection started as a pet project of Jean-François Rey where he and his design team could let their creativity run free.

BOZ designer eyewear takes both J.F. Rey and French fashion to the NEXT level.

Not for the timid or meek, BOZ glasses are definitely on the Wild side. Brilliant colors, aggressive shapes, and unique styles round out this incredible collection.

You will never see oversized brand logos hanging from the temples, because creativity serves as BOZ’s trademark.

The stylish, sensual, and gorgeously colored frames of the BOZ eyewear collections personify originality and elegance on the women who wear them. Exploring cultural mixes and the influence of plants, the brand makes its mark using contemporary and original themes. BOZ glasses feel great and look even better.

The collection is designed and created in the heart of France.

The glasses have a personality all their own.

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