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We aim to provide the best in eye care for all our clients. (or for you and your family). We take eye health seriously and believe that regular eye tests are important to detect disease and changes in your eyes. Our eye tests are comprehensive which means not just reading the letters and numbers… we look at the whole array of eye health and vision.

Some eye diseases do not have symptoms until too late such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. For this reason, as part of routine eye examination, we have the latest technology in eye imaging to help diagnose and measure your eyes. Early detection of eye disease means earlier access to treatment before vision loss in most cases. We work closely with eye specialists via referral and co-management of eye conditions. 

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  • Here at Bruce Mellick Optometry we care about your eyes and aim to provide the best level of optometric care.
  • We take your eye health seriously and take the appropriate time to examine and discuss your eye health and all the options available.
  • Our eye tests are  comprehensive and thorough focusing on ocular health as well as vision
  • We monitor for eye disease with the latest detection technology. This means early detection and earlier access to treatment.
  • We can assess your vision for driving safety.
  • We are not a bulk billing practice (with some exceptions outlined below). We believe that bulk billing all our patients will require us to compromise the level of care that we can offer. We do offer medicare rebate processing.
  • HICAPS: Should you need glasses or contact lenses, we health fund processing instantly in-store so that you only need pay the gap amount on your purchase.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Our practice will bill DVA for Gold cardholders, and White card holders where applicable.


Emergencies should be directed to the Cairns Base Hospital; by calling ‘000’ for an Ambulance; or by contacting your GP. If you are an existing patient experiencing new eye symptoms you can phone during business hours  and we can help triage your care. 



Information on this site is not a substitute for professional optometric advice. Please book an appointment for personalised, professional optometric advice and consultation.

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