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Comprehensive Eye Health Examinations

Comprehensive Eye Health Examinations including computerised auto refraction, non-contact tonometry and use of the latest computerised testing instrumentation.  

Designer frames

Designer frames and premium lenses are carefully prescribed to meet individual needs. We provide individual advice on the appropriate choice of frame to suite individual needs such as fashion, face shape, colour and use. We take great care in selecting the right lens for the job and executing the measurements so that the lenses perform to their best and ensure effortless adaptation and the most effective use of the eyewear.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography allows immediate photographic records for appearance of any eye condition that requires future reference. This may include retinal photography in diabetes or surface photography for conditions such as pterygium.

Colour vision

Colour vision full diagnostic testing available to determine type, severity and counselling for the implications of various colour vision defects.

Contact Lens Fitting

We select from the latest lens technologies available in Australia ranging from daily disposable, extended wear, high oxygen materials improving comfort and lengthening wearing time to multi focal contact lenses for those with separate distance and reading prescriptions. We ensure that all patients that leave our practice are fully conversant with the risks, handling and care of their contact lenses.

Corneal Topography

Corneal Topography is a computerised technique that take a topographical map of the front surface of the eye (the cornea). This gives an accurate representation of the curvature of the cornea, which is essential in certain types of contact lens fitting, such as Ortho-keratology and high astigmatism and keratoconus.

Laser Refractive Surgery referral 

We can provide an extensive examination to determine your suitability for laser surgery. We are able to perform pre-operative and post-operative assessments.

Visual Field Analysis

Visual Field Analysis is a computerised test used to accurately assess peripheral vision. It is used in the detection and monitoring of conditions such as glaucoma.

Low Vision Assessments

Low Vision Assessments allow us to optimize the limited sight fo those with vision loss from conditions such as macular degeneration. We work closely with the team at Vision Australia to help people remain independent and make the most of their remaining vision. Occupational or screen based vision screening we offer customized screening tests for organizations.

Children's Vision

Assessment vision involves more than seeing the 6/6 or 20/20 line on a vision chart. We offer extensive children's eye examinations testing test focussing ability, eye teaming range, depth perception, colour vision as well as eye health assessment. We recommend that all children receive a routine comprehensive eye examination prior to commencing school to ensure there are no visual factors that may impede their ability to learn. Further examinations are recommended at 1-2 year intervals as recommended by your Optometrist.

Treatment of strabismus

Treatment of strabismus (turned eye) and amblyopia (lazy eye) These can occur separately or in combination and are present in 3-5 % of children. We offer a range of interventions to improve vision.

We are able to present seminars on a range of vision related topics such computers and vision, safety, and eye conditions, visual standards, inherited eye conditions, to name a few.

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